Call for Tutorials

Tutorial proposals for the following types of classroom instruction that complement or are closely connected with the Workshop themes, Systems Thinking and IV&V will be considered:


  • Professional Development Tutorial: intended for both practicing systems engineers who want to expand their systems engineering skills and seasoned professionals who are new to INCOSE concepts of systems engineering. It is important not only to instill in the tutorial participants a new skill, but also to make it clear how that skill can add real value to the participant’s enterprise.


  • Advanced Technology Tutorial: intended for practicing systems engineers. This introduces new technologies with potential to add real value to systems engineering practice although that potential has not yet been demonstrated.


  • Best Practices Implementation: intended for practicing systems engineers who are interested in understanding how to apply systems engineering best practices with a domain-specific emphasis.

Initial submission for tutorials consists of a proposal on the EasyChair web page: The proposal must not contain a sales presentation for the presenter or the presenter’s company and shall not contain proprietary data. Tutorial guidelines were adapted from INCOSE IS 2021 and posted on the right.


Each submittal will be reviewed by multiple members of the INCOSE NE review team. Selected proposals will later be notified to submit the IP release and permission to record forms. We will be using the tutorial evaluation criteria and the tutorial instructor agreement used by INCOSE IS 2021 found to the right.

Please note that the material submitted may have been presented elsewhere. If it has been presented elsewhere, this should be noted with the link to any copyrighted material. Tutorial providers are highly encouraged to provide reference materials to reinforce their learning objectives during the tutorial, and to serve as a reference for later use by tutorial attendees.

  1. Authors will first need to establish a free Easy Chair account for presentation or tutorial abstract submissions. Follow the link above and either  (a) select the Create an Account link if you do not currently have an Easy Chair Account or (b) login with your existing Easy Chair account.
  2. Then select Make a New Submision in Easy Chair.
  3. For submission review, authors must submit author information, bios, title, abstract, keywords, and preferred track in Easy Chair. The following file uploads are required: